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33 kr Brygg

69 kr Handbrew

43 kr Latte

39 kr Cappuccino

25 kr Espresso

33 kr Cortado

43 kr Golden Latte

43 kr Pink Latte

39 kr Hot Chocolate

33 kr Fairtrade Teas

Hot Drinks

49 kr Kalmarinio

          Blueberry, Banana, Coconut, Almondmilk         

49 kr Sommarsolen

          (Pineapple, Strawberry, Lime  

49 kr Reload Shake

          Coffee, banana, vanilla, Almondmilk     

49 kr Mango Mania

          Mango, Spinach, Banana, Almondmilk     

49 kr Whitehaven

          Dates, Nuts, Banana, Tahini, Almondmilk     

39 kr Rescued Juice

20 kr Ramlösa

Cold Drinks

39 kr raw Brownie

          walnuts, almond, dates, cacao, almondmilk, vegan chocolate

39 kr raw peanut Brownie

          walnuts, almond, dates, cacao, almondmilk,

          vegan chocolate, peanutbutter

49 kr raw Carrot Cake

          walnut, dates, coconut, rasins, cinnamon, ginger, carrot, cashew

49 kr raw Mango-Tumeric Cheesecake

          cashew, almonds,dates, agave, mango, tumeric, coconut    

49 kr raw Matcha-Vanilla Swirlcake

          cashew, dates, walnuts, agave, matcha, vanilla, coconut

49 kr raw Blueberry Cheesecake

          cashew, blueberry, agave, lavender, coconut, dates, walnuts     

49 kr raw Tiramisu Cheesecake

          cashew, espresso, agave,cacao, coconut, dates, walnuts   

49 kr raw Peanut-Banana Cheesecake

          cashew, banana, peantbutter, chocolate,

          agave, coconut, dates, walnuts

49 kr raw Strawberry-Vanilla Swirlcake

          cashew, strawberries, vanilla,, agave, coconut, dates, walnuts 




Changing offers, check the display, preorders can be customized! 

RAW and vegan Cakes

Healthy VEGAN snacks

59 kr Smoothiebowl

          Mango or strawberry or blueberry

59 kr Chia Pudding

          with almond milk, fresh fruits, nuts and superfoods  

59 kr Sandwich

          with Avocado, Rukula and homemade Hummus    

89 kr Soup 

          always vegan, served with bread, with Coffee (Lunchmeny) 

59 kr Wraps

          with roasted veggies, cashewcream, greens, chickpeas and onion

35 kr Oatly Yoghurts

          with fruits and toppings

99 kr fresh Salads

          with superfoods, veggies, and lots of plant based goodies.

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