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Kombucha made with love!

This fermented tea-beverage is really good for your body and supplies you with lots of probiotics. 

We are the only resale place in Kalmar

right now, so check different offers at the cafe!

Visit their webpage for more details: 

Calmar Kombucha

Jempas Nutbutter

Jempas is a new company focusing on handmade nut-butter products.

The company offers a range of different almond- and haselnutbutters, that are a perfect match with overnight oats or smoothie bowls.

Find the jars at OAS Kalmar or check out

the page:

Applejuice from the region...

Part of our philosophy is to support local producers and healthy living. Therefore we offer this fantastic Äpplemust, that tastes just like summer.

This product is made from apples that were grown and produced locally.

Check out more on their page:

Kalmar Musteri

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