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If you like to pre-order a cake send a message to 

0765842507 or email to

You can also send a dm on our instagram profile.

Keep in mind that we need a

minimum of 24 hours to prepare your order. 



8 pc. for 179 kr

10 pc. for 249 kr

16 pc. 349 kr


8pc. for 199 kr

10 pc. for 299 kr

16 pc for 399 kr.


mango-lime, strawberry-vanilla, raspberry-vanilla, peanut-banana, matcha-vanilla, carrot cake, blueberry, tiramisu, chocolate-vanilla, and more...

We have many different cheesecakes and can customise your order as well depending on the occasion or theme. 

Just drop us a message with your ideas and we can come back to you with a suggestion. 

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